[V LIVE] 180614 JTBC ‘Secret Unnie’ EP7 (Special Clip) – Red…

[V LIVE] 180614 JTBC ‘Secret Unnie’ EP7 (Special Clip) – Red Velvet’s Seulgi and Sunmi


Sunmi and Seulgi reading their astrological birth chart

Seulgi: Why does my chart not spread in the middle but cluster at the top? 

Sunmi: Me too, i also think your chart is quite unique. I haven’t seen a chart looking like this before. 

Seulgi: What? What could it be?

Sunmi: *reading the charts* 

Seulgi: *looking around the room like a lost puppy because she doesn’t know how to read them* 

Sunmi: OH!! 

Seulgi: Why why? Please answer me. Is it bad? *worried*

Sunmi: There might be a reason why we match each other so well. Daebak~ My sign is Taurus. There’s a sign that explains how people see me. (Ascendant sign)
That sign is Taurus. (for case of Seulgi’s Aquarius sign from natal chart)

Seulgi: Really??

Sunmi: Yea daebak~

Sunmi: (About Seulgi’s Taurus Ascendant sign) You have that headstrong kind of style.

Seulgi: Uhh there’s some situation im like this… (laughing embarrassingly)

Explaining about Seulgi’s Ascendant Sign in Taurus

Sunmi: People see you as a Taurus. You’re like that too, you said you didn’t like change. That is Taurus’s special trait. (Stubborness /Resistant to change)

Seulgi: Ahh really?

Sunmi: I’d like it if you didn’t like bad guys.

Seulgi: I don’t like bad guys but a person who’s good at approaching people. However, a person like that is good at approaching everyone.

Sunmi: Right. Don’t fall for bad guys.

Trans. by: demimondeblood / RV_TokkiBear

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